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THE RIGHT COLOUR is a novel about a cow. Born on a small farm in Aberdeenshire in the mid 1980’s, the Princess never really fitted in. Sure she was black, but the wrong kind of black. Her early years were plagued with hardship, bullying and racism but this only lead her to believe that she was special, the Chosen One. Now nearing the end of her life, the Princess tells her own extraordinary tale of an exceptional journey towards her destiny at the greatest cattle show of all, Royal Smithfield. On the way she encounters so colourful characters of that time, many of whom get a kick in the shin. Her exploits include a stupid sheepdog, getting drunk and a London bus, to name but a few. Her tale is entertaining, charming, funny and emotional, a good read for all age groups. However, this book also has an underlying trend to recount, with some accuracy, the dark art of livestock showing, a world that only a lucky few have experienced. If you are one of these select few, then you will definitely relate to this story on many levels, I promise you. If you were ever at Smithfield, this book will bring back the sounds, smells and visions of those heady December days in Earls Court. If you are not, well it will reveal to you a whole new world of trials, heartaches and passion that you were blissfully unaware of. << Read Less

Available through Lulu Press. This book is aimed at older readers but appeals to all ages.

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A PARROT IN MY SOUP. Andy Frazier has lived in France for almost five years. In the main he has gotten used to it by now, but sometimes he still complains. This is a collection of stories about his life, his thoughts and, very often, his dislikes over a two year period. Many of his stories are of comparisons of his simple life in rural French versus the similar village where he was brought up in UK. Nobody is safe as he rants away about everything from the French peasants to the British expats, from red tape to red politics and from cheap wine to the price of sandwiches. Read it and weep.

available through Lulu Press. Click on the cover for more information.

I USE MY THUMBS AS A YARDSTICK is a true biography of a farmer who grew up during the war. Always someone looking for progress, this man was never satisfied with current farming techniques and has been a pioneer for most of his life. He also just happens, by pure coincidence, to be my father. I am quite proud of that.

available through Lulu Press. Click on the cover for more information.

BRAND NEW SERIES OF NOVELS, due out Spring 2012. Humorous set of titles for adults, based around an hilarious charater called Trevor Hard.

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