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A PARROT IN MY SOUP. Andy Frazier has lived in France for almost five years. In the main he has gotten used to it by now, but sometimes he still complains. This is a collection of stories about his life, his thoughts and, very often, his dislikes over a two year period. Many of his stories are of comparisons of his simple life in rural French versus the similar village where he was brought up in UK. Nobody is safe as he rants away about everything from the French peasants to the British expats, from red tape to red politics and from cheap wine to the price of sandwiches. Read it and weep.
Most of these stories are from Andy's successful blog: Rantings from a French Farmhouse

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WHO THE HECK IS AUNTIE FLORETTE? Do ever open your eyes in the morning, and lie there wondering how you got here?
I am not referring to being in a strange bed, just in a strange world. When you turn on the radio, or the TV news, or open a paper, do you wonder at the madness of it all?
Does the complete lack of common sense make you want to run away and hide?
Andy Frazier’s life has been a well trodden path. Growing up on a farm, running an array of businesses, firstly in agriculture, then in all sorts of random things to do with computers, all he really wanted to do was spend time with his sheep.
One day he woke up and realised the world no longer made sense, and that it probably hadn’t done for some time. So he ran away and hid.
Thankfully, he gathered the love of a good woman en-route before setting up camp in South West France, in an old farmhouse with see-through walls and a few acres.
The second installment of stories from Andy's successful blog: Rantings from a French Farmhouse

TRUMPY THE SPIDER-FROG I dont know! You blink your eyes and another year has passed. Was it an unhappy one?
No, it wasn't actually. So why does this bloke keep on complaining about it? Well, I suppose it's not actually complaining, just observing the madness from a bigoted, yet somehow refreshing stand-point!
The fact that he makes up words like assemblage gives it a sort of spudding charm!

The third installment of stories from Andy's successful blog: Rantings from a French Farmhouse

IN BED WITH COWS is a collection of stories from Andy's days as a freelance cattleman.
In this one, we hear of some of his hilarious exploits at the Royal shows, where alcohol and practical jokes were the order of the day, coupled with some of the highs and lows of this dubious career. From Royal telling’s off to the Australian outback, he claims that they are all true – certainly, you couldn’t possibly make some of them up!

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IN BED WITH SHEEP is another collection of stories, this time from the author's days working closely with sheep.
Andy Frazier likes sheep, it can’t be denied. Otherwise why would he have taken one to a Christmas party and filmed a few acting as models?
In this very funny sequel to In Bed With Cows, Andy reveals more hilarious stories about his life working with livestock, hairy warts and all.
Whether you are a seasoned shepherd, a complete novice or just someone with a healthy – or unhealthy – interest in sheep, this book will insult you, warm you and make you laugh your heart out.
You will never look at a sheep with straight face again.
And no, he’s not Welsh..!

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I USE MY THUMBS AS A YARDSTICK is a true biography of a farmer who grew up during the war. Always someone looking for progress, this man was never satisfied with current farming techniques and has been a pioneer for most of his life. He also just happens, by pure coincidence, to be my father. I am quite proud of that.

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THE RIGHT COLOUR is a novel about a cow. Born on a small farm in Aberdeenshire in the mid 1980’s, the Princess never really fitted in. Sure she was black, but the wrong kind of black. Her early years were plagued with hardship, bullying and racism but this only lead her to believe that she was special, the Chosen One. Read More >>

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Pat O'driscoll

Andy also writes humour fiction under the pen name of Pat O'Driscoll. So far 2 novels are released under this name, both about an unfortunate character called Trevor Hard.

GETTING HARD. Trevor Hard – Try to his friends – likes to think he is just an ordinary chap. Yes he does have a few quirky rules about threes, and OK, he hears voices in his head, but besides that, his life is pretty uneventful as a civil servant.
The problem for him is women or, to be more precise, the lack of them. After taking advice from a friend, Try sets off on a holiday to France for some cherchez la femme but pretty soon he realises he is being followed and from then on, things start to get a little difficult. Being chased by the police is one thing, but being pinned down by a sex-mad dog and its owner whilst trying to impress the most beautiful girl in the world is perhaps one challenge too many?

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More hilarious adventures of Trevor – TRY –Hard. This time he is getting married to the fearful Mimosa, a Polish immigrant, but when they move into a small suburban house, Try’s gardening exploits get rather interesting.
Are frogs supposed to be that colour?
And why has his neighbour got a loaf of bread on her head?
Anyway, what are all those weeds in the greenhouse…..?

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Andy is currently involved in a couple of new projects, both of which are non-fiction.

Calling Papa-Charlie is a true story about a man called John Sharp who built a plane in his bedroom in a small house in Airdree, Scotland. With a deep obsession to fly, he put his family through much heartache to achieve his dream to fly. The draft was written for National Novel Writing Month in Nov 13, and is due to be published in Spring 2017 by Austin Macauley Publishing, London.

In 2016 Andy turned his hand to script-writing and is quite pleased with his first efforts, a gritty drama based around the Foot and Mouth crisis in UK in 2001. Naturally, it has some sheep in it!

Andy has been commissioned to write the History of the Aberdeen Angus. From the halcyon days in the sixties where black cattle were a sound tax-loss investment and bulls regularly made £30,000 plus, through to the low point in the eighties when they were virtually a rare breed, eventually to today, where Angus beef is the world's leading brand.

Andy has teamed up with John Wilkes, an ex-UK farmer now working as a journalist in Washington DC to write a film script. Currently under wraps, they are both quite excited about the project!