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Princess is a young black cow with attitude. She has quick wit with an even quicker temper and she is not afraid to use either of them. Somewhere underneath all that though, this young scamp has an unrivalled passion for life and a kind heart towards her fellow animals. The friendships she forms are delightful as she strives to pass on her confidence to others with less strength than herself. She has another passion too, a passion to be the best, to win every time and to seek out fame and stardom. It is her destiny….and she intends to reach it?

ABOUT A COW. Princess is a young half-breed calf who grows up through hardship and bullying on a farm in Scotland. When her best friend dies her life gets set on a mission towards one destiny, the Great Royal Show. By pure chance she meets someone capable of helping her fulfill that dream.

This is a re-write of The Right Colour as a children's story.
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IN THE COMPANY OF ANIMALS. Having been sold to a man who rents animals out for money, Princess is kept in prison-like conditions. She meets some new pals and they form a lasting friendship as they plan their escape and a bid for freedom.

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COW FACTOR. Princess has always strived for fame and stardom and her big chance comes when she her and her friends get chance to compete on a TV talent show. But not everyone wants her to win….

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THE ROYAL DETECTIVE. Princess and her stable mates get a part as extras in a film about a boy Prince who gets kidnapped. As the film plot unfolds a real kidnapping happens and Princess, aided by her trusty sergeant, takes on the role of detective to try and solve the crime.

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BEALES CORNER is a story about friendships. Tom hears his granddad’s stories but he doesn’t really listen; his summer visits are just a break for himself, he has enough troubles of his own. When the old man asks him to help him record some of his memories he is not really interested; the past is in the past and that is where it should stay. If only it would..?

Recently awarded 9 out of 10 in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, with the comment: 'DELIGHTFUL PROSE AND A JOY TO READ! PERFECT FOR 9-10 YEAR OLDS'

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MOULIN. Henry Harman’s father buys an old windmill in France, and he and his brother go there to stay. But what is the secret that an old owl is protecting in its roof? When Henry discovers part of it, he not only puts his little brother in danger, but possibly the whole of humanity.
A rip-roaring boy’s adventure story, full of ancient time-travel and evil Templar Knights.

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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF OINKY GRUB. Oinky is not a bad pig, not by pig standards, and being the runt of the litter, he does have to have some standards. But this poor little pig has some most wonderous and hillarious capers without even trying too hard.

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Cow FactorCow Factor
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Beales CornerBeales Corner
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The Right ColourThe Right Colour
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